About Me

Hi, I’m Joanne.

Life can be all sorts of crazy, amirite?

Though being an Asian American-single-female-living-in-LA-trying-to-make-a-living-out-of-writing struggle is real, I still see the world as a jolly place. And even though Taylor Swift seems tres surprised and innocent on stage but in reality she’s a backstabbing bitch, I still see my humans as fellow jolly inhabitants.

If this site is ever not still under construction, feel free to click around. There’s my published work if you want to read what professional Joanne is all about.


(My ID card from Disney. #tbt)

There’s a blog if you want to read what Joanne after a few cocktails sounds like.

photo (3)

(Backwards LA sign. I didn’t think it through.)

And there’s a contact section if you want to be a creep and “ping” me (unless, of course, you’re an awesome company, and in that case “I look forward to hearing from you.”).

Let’s be jolly. And let’s always keep the receipts.